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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

No, Dr. Forrester does not presently accept insurance. She will be happy to provide you with a receipt and all the necessary information and codes for you to submit to your insurance provider. Dr. Forrester is considered an “out of network” provider.

Do you take credit cards?

No, Dr. Forrester does not presently accept credit cards. Acceptable forms of payment are cash or check.

Do I bring my child with me to the first appointment?

This is up to you. Some parents wish to meet with Dr. Forrester for the first time without their child, thus allowing a private discussion. If you choose to attend the initial appointment without your child, please understand that a follow up appointment with your child will be scheduled. At times it is possible for us to accommodate a private discussion while your child plays with toys in the adjacent room (allowing us to observe through a one-way mirror) or is entertained by one of Dr. Forrester’s staff or interns. Please inform Dr. Forrester of your preference when you schedule your initial appointment.

Do I tell my child we are going to see Dr. Forrester?

There is no need to tell your child he/she is going to see the doctor. The word “Doctor” often triggers fears, especially in young children. Dr. Forrester asks that parents tell their child they are going to see someone named “Ms. Michelle” who has a room full of toys that they can play with. Children are often excited to see the playroom and this helps allay any fears. Please assure your child that you will stay with them and they will not be left alone.

How long does the first appointment last?

The initial visit lasts approximately one hour.

9601 Katy Freeway, Suite 175 • Houston, TX 77024

Phone: 713-598-3559