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Social Skills Groups

Our Philosophy

“Therapy” is seen socially and culturally as something one pursues when there is something “wrong”. We see what we do as growth promoting and teaching life skills that everyone needs for success. Of course, we are also ameliorating difficulties and addressing struggles as well. We engage in teaching, learning, and practicing the skills that lead to increased personal happiness and more harmonious relationships. We focus on emotional and social development and believe that all good things that happen in life occur in relationship. In our social skills groups, we teach children (and parents) skills to identify, label and tolerate emotions (their own and those of others), as well as to regulate emotions and behavior. Another important aspect of our groups is helping children and parents gain effective communication skills to set appropriate boundaries for mutually satisfying relationships. 

What are Social Skills Groups?

Social skills groups are small groups (no more than 6 children) of similar aged peers where adult facilitators work to teach pro-social skills, intervene early to avert social difficulties, and decrease negative effects on children’s self-esteem by increasing social success. This is done in a child friendly environment that resembles a classroom environment. The structure of the groups include greeting (hello song), transition to games and/or playtime, transition back to table (incorporating sensory activities), snack (goldfish/vanilla wafers, water), story, and goodbye song. 

How are our Social Skills Groups different from others?

Our social skills groups consist of a group for children facilitated by a therapist and one or more assistants AND a parent observation group also facilitated by a professional to guide parental observations. The parent group meets in an adjacent observation room and observes the group via a one-way mirror. We do not charge a separate fee for the parent group as we feel that parent/caregiver participation is vital to each child’s success. We create a collaborative team of professionals and parents/caregivers working together on behalf of each child. As children gain new skills, parents/caregivers have the guidance and education they need to support these emerging skills at home and in the community thereby increasing the likelihood of on-going success for the child.

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